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Criminals who could still be out there

7 Criminals Who Could Still Be Out There Today

While many of the most dangerous people around are locked up behind bars, some of the most infamous criminals could still be at large out in the community - meaning an attack could happen at any moment. Here are 7 such persons to look out for!

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The Truth Behind Jack the Ripper

Who Was Jack the Ripper, Really?

Jack the Ripper wasn’t the first serial killer, but he was the first case to stir up a worldwide media frenzy. Over 100 years later, we all know his nickname and the mystery of these attacks are scrutinized. But the million-dollar question: Who was Jack the Ripper?

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Surprising Movies about True Crime

10 Shocking Movies Based on Real Crimes

True crime stories are fascinating to learn about in order to get in the head of some demented people. But sometimes we don't want to spend hours doing research online to learn about them. Here we have a list of 10 movies you can watch based on real events!

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Amsterdam Eel Riots

The Weird History of the Amsterdam Eel Riots

Amsterdam is known for a lot of things - great nightlife, impressive museums, beautiful canals, and so much more. But there's a strange story that happened in this quirky city regarding a riot that started over a strange game played among the locals. Check out this bizarre piece of Dutch history!

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The State That Produces The Most Serial Killers

Which State Produces The Most Serial Killers?

Worried you'll be a victim of the next Charles Manson? Find out where you're safest - and where you're not. Of course, living in fear is never a good thing, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to know the facts! So which state produces the most serial killers and why? Find out!

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law Infographic

As one of the few industries that is slow on adopting technological advancements, the legal profession unsurprisingly is debating on whether to implement one of the biggest advancements in today's technological age - Artificial Intelligence.

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Weirdest Driving Laws US

The Weirdest Driving Laws in the US Infographic

While some roads in America run through multiple states, each state has its own driving laws. Some of these traffic laws make perfect sense and are there to protect the safety of drivers & pedestrians. Others, however, are just outright strange! Check out the craziest driving laws in all 50 states.

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Bizarre Country Laws

Bizarre Laws Around The World

Countries all over the world have strange and weird laws, some very outdated, but still active laws (which nobody really follows). For example did you know that in Australia, it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday!? Read on to see some truly crazy laws around the world!

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Crazy State Laws

11 Crazy State Laws InfoGraphic

State laws can be controversial, especially for those who don't like talking about politics. However, there are some laws that are so absurd, that you can't help but scoff! No matter your political affiliation, there are still some things we can all agree on!

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The Greatest Prison Escapes Infographic

The Greatest Prison Escapes Infographic

You may be surprised to find out that many inmates escape prison every year. Though they are confined to a small area with no freedom, it is worrisome that these getaways occur with success. Check out this infographic about the greatest prison escapes!

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Facebook Crime

Burgular Uses Victims Computer To Check His Facebook

Nineteen year old Jonathan Parker, of Fort Loudoun, Pennsylvania, was charged with daytime burglary after stealing two diamond rings and using the computer in the house to check his Facebook profile, forgetting to log off from the social networking site!

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Funny Laws in the UK

Top Ten Most Crazy Laws In The UK

The UK began to update its legal system in 1965. Over 2,000 laws have been repealed since then; but some still exist. For example did you know that it's illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day?! Here are 10 strange laws that are still in place today.

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