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100 Video Game Facts

100 Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Video Games

Video games bring great pleasure and joy to millions of people all over the world. There are many different consoles and games that cover an array of genres for all ages and abilities. We've put together an ultimate list of 100 interesting facts about your all-time favorite video games.

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The history of Settlers of Catan

A Brief History of Settlers of Catan

The board game Settlers of Catan was created by German Klaus Teuber and published in 1995. It is now one of the most played games worldwide and allows players to understand how Vikings built settlements.

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Nintendo Switch facts

9 Interesting Facts About The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console released on March 3, 2017. It was the world's first hybrid console allowing gamers to play on the go and plug directly into the TV. If you're a lover of the Switch, then you'll want to know these top nine Nintendo Switch Facts.

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Sega Saturn Facts

10 Facts About The Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn is a video games console that was released back in 1994. Although it wasn't as big a success as first thought, it was the first to display 3D graphics, and over 1000 games were made for it. Here are ten fun facts all about the Sega Saturn.

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A history of NERF

A Brief History Of Nerf

NERF was originally a soft ball that was designed to be able to be thrown around the home by children, without causing any kind of damage to property. Here we're going to look at the brief history of Nerf, and how it went from balls to blasters!

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Facts about David Beckham

24 Fun Facts About David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most famous and successful soccer players of all time. Of course, we know he's also married to Victoria Beckham (former Spice Girl too) but there's many more incredible facts about him. Check them out with these quick 24 Beckham facts.

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25 fun facts about Charmander from Pokémon

25 Fast Facts About Charmander | Pokémon

Charmander is one of the most famous Pokémon around. He was a starter Pokémon in the Red and Blue editions released way back in 2006 and although not the strongest he is one of the most loved. Here are 25 awesome facts about him.

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The differences between rugby union and American football

5 Differences Between Rugby Union and American Football

American football and rugby certainly have some similarities. Both games aim to score points by getting the ball safely to the other side of the pitch, but they are actually very different games. Here are 5 main differences that distinguish one sport from the other.

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Fun Facts about Dodgems

5 Fairly Fun Facts About Dodgems

Bumpers cars, while targeted for kids, are great fun for people of all ages! It's the only place where you can drive recklessly and it's okay! But these fun little cars weren't always made for bumping. Find out how they became the fun carnival ride they are today!

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A Brief History of Play Doh

A Few Fun Facts About Play-Doh & Its History

Play-Doh is part of every child's upbringing. It's a creative tool loved by everyone, but have you ever wondered where it comes from or who invented it? Here's the facts & history about Play-Doh!

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Crazy Ivysaur Facts

29 Incredible Facts About Ivysaur | Pokémon

Ivysaur is one of the more under-appreciated Pokémon out there. Sure, Ivysaur might not look as blasé as Charmeleon or as tough as Wartortle, but Ivysaur is one powerful Pokémon for a second-stage starter. Here are 29 interesting facts about Ivysaur.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming

There are so many amazing benefits of swimming, health related and other. It is beneficial for your body – you can get fit, ease back into fitness after an injury and you can swim while pregnant! Keep reading to see these 7 health benefits of regular swimming.

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